Filtratest: Analysis of polymer impurities

/Filtratest: Analysis of polymer impurities

Filtratest: Analysis of polymer impurities

Categoria: Die Heads
Produttore: Brabender

Intended use

Determining of quality-reducing inhomogeneities

  • Quick change of sieves with drawer system
  • Integrated pre-heating of the sieve package
  • Short-time cycle times
  • continuous extrusion procedure by bypass option of the melt flow
  • Comfortable Windows® Software
  • Option: sliding funnel combination for flushing ring and sample
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General Information

Exact determination of the foreign substance concentration and quality-reducing inhomogeneities

The Filtratest serves for inspection of the purity and exact determination of impurity concentrations in textile polymers (e.g. PET, PA) and other thermoplastic melts.

The melt flows through a fine-meshed filter blank, wherein impurities tip little by little.Caused by the deposited dirt particles the pressure increases and is measured by means of transducers and recorded during measurement.

The subsequent analysis of the sieves allows evidence to form and quantity of the impurities.

The Filtratest is used for the exact determination of the foreign substance concentration and quality-reducing inhomogeneities. The procedure is suitable for the description of concentration, size of particles, kind of foreign substances, and higher-viscous particles regarding the test material. The quality of the extrudate is described with
regard to concentration, particle size, kind of foreign substance, and higher-viscous particles in the melt.

The melt flows through finely woven sieves. Due to the deposit of the foreign substances the pressure increases. It is measured by means of a pressure transducer in front of the insert and recorded continuously during measurement.

The addi tional analysis of the deposit gives more information about kind and amount of polymer impurities.

  • Color recipe development
  • Quality control of masterbatches, compounds and polymers
  • The Filtratest can be connected to a 19 mm or 30 mm measuring extruder. The extruder guarantees the processing and the transport of the polymer melt. The melt is guided through the extruder to the Filtratest, where it flows vertically through the filter.The pressure increase in front of the insert is measured by means of the pressure transducer. The pressure difference between the initial pressure and the maximum pressure is used for calculating the filter pressure value (FPV).
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Number of inserts 2 sieve package holders
1 flushing ring
Adapter for inserts 8 to 34 mm
Heating electric heater band, 2000 W, 240 V
Rotary speed 0 – 60 min-1
Throughput  50 … 60 cm3/ min
optional: 10 – 70 cm3/ min
Mains connection 1 x 230 V, 50/60 Hz, +N +PE, 16 A