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/Crystal Instruments EDM 8.1 Release

Crystal Instruments ehm 8.1 release

Crystal Instruments is pleased to announce the release of EDM 8.1, the most advanced featured version of Engineering Data Management software. With this new release, advanced new products have been added to the Crystal Instruments’ family of products along with exciting new features across all EDM modules. Improvements to existing features and bug fixes make this release more user-friendly and robust.

 New Introductions:

  • Introducing the CoCo-70X (Robust IP-67 Handheld machine health analyzer)

  • Spider-80SG/SGi Supports IEPE

  • Introducing Time Data Acquisition (TDA)

  • Introducing SRS Control in MIMO VCS

  • Introducing TTH Control in MIMO VCS

  • Introducing Average Control in MIMO Random Test

  • Vibration Visualization: Introducing 3D model reconstruction from 2D images from a Camera

  • Introducing MIMO Swept Sine Testing in EDM Modal

  • Multi-Resolution Spectrum Technology is Extended to MIMO FRF Testing Suite of EDM-Modal

  • Introducing Time History in DSA

  • Configurable Error Status on Front-end LEDs

  • Assign and Run a Customizable Test with Each Digital Input

  • VCS/THV Testing Supports Integration with CAN bus

  • Introducing Batch Export of Signals

  • EDM-DSA Supports Multiple Instances

  • Introducing Vibration Intensity in PA

  • Revamped Channel Status view

New Features and Major Improvements in VCS (Vibration Control System)

  • Introducing Control NULL in MIMO Random Test

  • Introducing Cross-plot (Scatter Pot) in Vibration Control Software

  • Start Recording Before Pre-test

  • Current as a Control Quantity


New Features and Major Improvements in DSA (Dynamic Signal Analysis)

  • Automatically Download Raw Time Recordings in Customized Format

  • Ability to Configure Output from Event Action Rules

  • Auto-adjusting Parameters for Re-connections in Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM)

  • Simultaneously Calibrate Multiple Strain Gage Modules in a System

New features and Major Improvements in EDM Modal

  •  Operational Modal Analysis Enhancements

New features and Major Improvements in PA (Post Analyzer)

  • Introducing Sound Analysis in PA

  • Introducing Averaging in SRS

  • Horizontal Cursor in PA Plots

  • Introducing “View Window” Function in PA

  • GPS Track Feature Now Available in PA

  • Customizable Peaks for the Peak Search Function

  • File Converter Adds Option to Apply Settings to All Channels

New General Features and Improvements

  • Re-connect to the Spider Without Stopping a Test

  • Synchronize Spiders to Time on a Server on the Internet or a Local LAN

  • Ability to Import/Export Spider Configurations

  • Directly Open Test Files from Windows Using the Desired Software Module

  • Ability to View and Modify Database Settings on the Home Page

  • Ability to Browse and Open a Test File from the Home Page

  • Copy/Paste Window Display Settings

Download detailed release notes using the following links:

Download EDM 8.1 Vibration Control System Software Release Notes

Download EDM 8.1 Dynamic Signal Analysis Software Release Notes

Download EDM 8.1 Modal Testing & Analysis Software Release Notes

Download EDM 8.1 Software Consolidated Release Notes

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