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Produttore: Brabender

Intended use

Determination of thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, ceramic molding compounds, fillers, pigments and much more plastic and plastifying materials.

  • Easy handling and cleaning  through bipartite or tripartite mixer bowl
  • Liquid heating/cooling or with electric  heating
  • Precise and constant heating/cooling of the mixers through three in dependent heating zones
  • Operating temperatures of up to 500°C with electric  heating
  • Manifold  applications through quickly detachable interchangeable mixer blades
  • Large program of additional equipment

For realistic laboratory simulation

Brabender® measuring mixers are interchangeable measuring heads which serve, connected to a Plasti-Corder®, lab-station or Plastograph®, for determination of thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, ceramic molding compounds, fillers, pigments and much more plastic and plastifying materials under praxis-oriented conditions, cost-effective, reliable and little expenditure of time and material.

The measuring mixers consist of a mixer backstand with gear unit and a mixer bowl. An electronic safety system prevents the drive unit from damage due to overload.

The blades are made of special steel. Counter-rotation towards each other at different speeds provides excellent compounding and mixing characteristics. Heating/cooling is done either through a cold circulation thermostat or electrically with air cooling.

The user-optimized WINMIX software provides evalutation of the results according to the latest standards.


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General Information

The measuring principle is based on making visible the resistance the sample material opposes to the rotating blades. The corresponding torque moves a dynamometer out of its zero position.

In compliance with the existing standards and test specifications, a typical ‘Plastogram®’ (torque and stock temperature vs. time) is recorded for each sample material.

The measured data are displayed numerically as a table and/or graphically as a diagram during the measurement on the monitor and can be printed and stored.

With Brabender® measuring mixers, you can simulate on a laboratory scale all processes like compounding, mixing, masticating, etc. that are relevant for production and processing of polymers and other plastic and plastifiable materials. Or use them for producing your sample material or for reactive processing.

Brabender® measuring mixers test the processibility of thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, ceramic molding materials, pigments, and many other plastic and plastifiable substances.

Blade geometries
Select the optimum blade geometry for your special application from a large program of different blades. These comprise Banbury, cam, and roller blades which have proven successful in industrial application for many decades, but also specially optimized blade geometries for certain measuring tasks as e.g. delta blades for thermosetting materials

User-optimized 32-bit software under Windows© 98/2000 or XP

The comfortable 32-bit software allows real multitasking. Several tests can be run and controlled on various instruments while texts or spreadsheets can be edited – all at a time from a single computer. Enter your test parameters from your computer keyboard, store them in MS Access database format together with the measuring data and results, and easily use them in other applications like word processing programs or spreadsheets.

Definition of reference curves with tolerance limits makes it easy to check already during the test whether a material meets the specifications for a certain application or not.

A powerful correlation program compares diagrams and results of up to 10 tests with each other. Test conditions and results are compared in tables and evaluated statistically for quickly accessing trends or irregularities.

Additional software packages enable programming of speed profiles, e.g. slow premixing and increasing or decreasing mixing speed during the test. This supplementary software can also evaluate individual diagrams. Optionally the melt temperature is also measured and recorded during the test.


A large program of additional equipment is available for mixer applications:

  • Loading chutes pneumatic and manual for quick and reproducible feeding of free-flowing materials like e.g. PVC dry-blends
  • Pressure ram: for feeding of materials which are sensitive to heat and/or pressure; for titration of liquids in a closed mixer bowl for absorption trials: pressure ram with borings
  • Gas-tight cover plate for trials applying inert gas for extraction of gas- and steam accumulation in the mixer bowl during a trial
  • Precision dosing pumps/burettes for titration of liquids in the measuring mixer
  • Circulation thermostats for liquid temperature control in the mixers
  • Stock temperature thermocouples or measurement of the stock temperature in the mixer bowl
  • Take-off devices for blades for simple withdrawing of the blades, for exchange of the blades and for cleaning purposes
 Mixer Application Volume of the
mixer bowl [cm3]
Max. Torque [Nm] Max. Temp.
W 30
W 30 EHT
Thermoplastics 30 200 200
W 50
W 50 EHT
Thermoplastics 55 200 200
MB 30 Thermosets 25 200 200 Plastograph®,
N 50
N 50 EHT
80 200 200
B 50
B 50 EHT
Caoutchouc 70 200 200
S 300 C powder 600 50 300 Plastograph®,
P 600 powder 2500 5 150 Plastograph®,
W/N/B/S 350
W/N/B/S 350 E
Miscellaneous 370 – 440 400
150 (S)
W/N/B/S 350 S Miscellaneous 370 – 440 400
150 (S)
250 Lab-Station